Introduction: So it all begins on a rainy day in April of 1997 in Delhi, India when the 'chosen one' was born. He was supposedly the one who should've brought balance to the force. Instead, he chose a camera for a lightsaber.

The story: My journey from holding a camera to understanding a camera has been quite long. Perhaps, you can say I've travelled thousands of kilometres just to understand this sacred art (10,994 km to be precise but who's counting).

Jokes aside, yes I love photography. Even though I've found computers and technology to be my main profession, I've always found love and warmth in clicking photographs. 

Over the years I've understood the importance of pictures even more; what they convey and the emotion they can depict. Pictures have the magical ability to transcend languages and cultures. 

One thing I can assure you is every time I hold my camera, I'll give my best to spread joy!
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